Site Reliability Engineering services

Site reliability engineering (SRE) is a set practice or discipline that ensures system reliability and maintainability. It is the key to helping organizations manage large systems in a scalable and sustainable manner. SRE also allows the technical team to find the balance between releasing new features and innovating new-age software products without worrying about the operations part. The main components of the SRE models are standardization and automation. It takes operations teams' traditional route of tasks and manually offers them to the engineers and operations teams who use this software and automation to solve these recurring issues.

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Benefits of SRE

Enhanced Metric Report

With SRE there is clarity when it comes to the areas of improvement, optimizing efficiency, removing bugs allowing better reliability.

Better Customer Experience

Unlike DevOps, SRE is focused on optimizing the customer experience especially by focusing on elements like SLA (Service Level Agreement), SLO (Service Level Objectives).

Effective Removal of issues

SRE works proactively to find and fix issues before they can hurt the end-users with a degree of accuracy that is often overlooked prior to the point of release.

Automated Speed

With SRE, the automated end-to-end from the process of writing the codes to the deployment, we allow access to tools that make it efficient and faster.

Monitoring the Health

SRE allows a proper insight into the services and health of the codes while in production and deployment aiding the developers to increase the density of the changes. This is performed through the built-in support for the monitoring services using selected models for SLIs, SLOs, powerful dashboards, as well as track error budgets.

Optimizing on-call rotations and processes

SRE is responsible to take on-call responsibilities and will have a major say on how an organizational team can improve its system reliability. Our teams will help add automation and context to alerts which will lead to better real-time collaboration and response.

App Testing

Site reliability engineers (SREs) use multiple testing techniques, ensuring that software performance is not as likely to fail at some point in a particular area. SRE teams are responsible for how the code is used, organized, and monitored and for availability, delays, change management, emergency response, and resource management resources in production. Site reliability engineering helps teams determine what new features can be implemented and when using service level agreements (SLAs) to define system-required reliability using service-level indicators (SLI) and service level objectives (SLO).

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