Data storage is the process of building and using a data repository. A database is created by combining various sources that support analytical reporting, structured and/or interim questions, and decision-making. Data storage includes data cleaning, data integration, and data integration. This technology enables users to use the repository quickly and efficiently. They can collect data, analyze it, and make decisions based on the information available in the warehouse. Amongst these data warehouses is Clickhouse.

Click house is an open-source, high performing and columnar OLAP ( On-Line Analytical Processing) data management system that offers scalability, reliability and security through real-time data analytics through SQL. It can be used throughout multiple scenarios, whether for data analysis, storage, mining of data or even for data processing. With the implementation of this solution, we aim to offer an on-premise Kubernetes cluster with automated data restoration, with an additional focus on security, logging and monitoring the environment our clients work in. With a collaborative effort by Clickhouse and Berrybytes, we can now aid your projects and organizations with any analytical queries and different data sources. We can help confront the informational challenges that businesses today face with a vast data lake.

Why Clickhouse?

ClickHouse, unlike other columnar databases, not only stores and processes data in columns. This results in far more balanced and efficient CPU cache utilization and the ability to use SIMD CPU instructions. Furthermore, ClickHouse is a highly scalable solution.

Because of its fast input/output speed, ClickHouse is an excellent choice for working with data in real-time. Furthermore, you can switch visualization tools (if you use Tableau or Google Data Studio) without spending time adjusting data.

ClickHouse is a versatile tool that provides marketing analysts with virtually limitless possibilities when combined with an automated data pipeline. ClickHouse is a solid alternative to popular solutions due to its outstanding performance, cost-effectiveness, and interoperability with business intelligence tools. Marketers no longer have to worry about devoting too many resources to experiments and instead focus entirely on marketing analysis.

Faster Data Processing

With Clickhouse, you do not need to deal with one object at a time. Instead, it prefers a large batch of data that eventually cuts down the manual effort and time consumption. This ensures that the overall completion speed is a thousand times better than the traditional data management system.

Data Compression

Clickhouse often contains thousands of columns and stores different values together, resulting in better compression ratios. Additionally, Clickhouse supports general-purpose compression and specialized codecs, making the data compression even more efficient.

Ease of Usage

With Clickhouse, the process of operating is out-of-the-box, unique and yet simple enough with structured data and immediate response on the report. The results can be communicated without any custom non-standard API resulting in ease of usage.

Maintenance Free

With the combined effort on both our platforms, we allow our users to focus more on your work while taking care of all the analytic databases through back-ups, regulations, and updates regularly.


Clickhouse features enterprise-grade security features and error protection from security threats, bugs, and human errors.

Enhanced Performance

Clickhouse offers multi-master asynchronous processing and deployment of data throughout multiple data centres, preventing any single point of failure as all nodes are equal.


Clickhouse is tested for scalability and reliability with architectures supporting multi-master replication, multi-region configurations and even single-server deployments with thousands of nodes.

What we provide

How It Works

With the collaborative effort through Clickhouse, we offer an open-source data management system. As per your business requirements, we allow complete data sourcing, replication and real-time data analytics throughout multiple application channels. Our technically advanced engineers and support team are here to assure full assistance throughout the process of cloud platform development and deployment. Through Clickhouse, we offer complete data migration, data security, monitoring, logging, alerting and even backup and restoration services.

As Clickhouse can handle a large amount of data instantly, the process is almost instantaneous. The accelerated performance also enables the datas to be analyzed and report real-time analytics automatically balancing the healthy replicas while avoiding latency increases. Additionally, Clickhouse stands out with its low level detailing through its vectorized query execution, data compression and high-level data integrity and security. We work with advanced technology in databases, apps, and an open-source platform to successfully create a path to achieving effortless solutions.

Our top-notch and advanced database management systems are protected with enterprise-level features for security. This includes SSH, encryption, user permission and authentication throughout the application process. Additionally, the database can be constructed through a wholly distributed system based on individual and independent nodes. This results in elimination of any single point of failure, increasing the reliability while assuring a failure-safe mechanism to prevent errors.

ClickHouse database includes a range of system tables that contain important monitoring information, and these logs can be another important source of information.

With Clickhouse, you have constant access to monitoring the health of your application, and monitoring helps to track potential issues in your cluster before they cause a critical error.

Allow access to alerts and notifications of all your applications activities and logs. Additionally, Clickhouse, in collaboration with us, notices all the minor issues notifying the users of all minor errors or problems in clusters and applications before it can manage to cause issues later in development and deployment processes.